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What are the top 5 questions?
What courses seem popular?
What content do followers love most?
Any suggestions for future collabs?
What are the top 5 complaints?
Is investment a popular topic?
What events got the most messages in DM?
How is feedback on our service?
Make sense of your DMs with the ease of a chat
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Turn your DMs into actionable data, making analysis feel straightforward.
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Boost your strategy with analytics tailored to your industry
Shape the future of learning by targeting student needs.
Create adventures inspired by your customer dreams.
Turn guest feedback into standout dining experience.
Optimize product offerings with direct customer feedback.
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Elevate service by understanding your client's true desires.
Enhance engagement by matching content with your audience preferences.
Frequently Asked Questions
Ingagr is an AI-powered analytics platform designed to turn your Instagram Direct Messages into actionable business insights. We utilize proprietary algorithms in conjunction with the world's best AI models, such as ChatGPT and Llama-2, to offer our users a deeper understanding of their audience. This empowerment enables you to make informed decisions, craft growth strategies, and enhance customer relationships.
Whether you're a small business owner, creator, or marketing specialist, Ingagr is here to transform your Instagram DM history into strategic power moves.
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